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I am now taking icon requests for the following fandoms -

House, 24, Harry Potter

All I ask is that you provide me with a screencap or a set of screencaps to work with. That's it. I'll post all the icons in one huge post when I get enough requests. Please tell me if you would or would not like your icons to be shareable. :)

If you have another reqeust, for either another icon or a header, etc., post it here.
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You know, you should never offer something like this when I'm around. :D

Tony 2
Tony 3
Tony/Michelle 1
Tony/Michelle 2
Jennifer, do you want these to be shareable or unshareable?
Shareable is ok, I'm not greedy. :D
Shareable or unshareable? :)
Shareable is fine with me!
Hans, could you make me an icon of the last scene in "Spin", when Cameron's looking at the photo album? Either of her or the picture :) Merci beaucoup &hearts

Here's one in case you need it:

Of course! :D Where did you get the pic from?
I took my own cap :D

You = ebil. I should've been doing my homework, but alas, making pretty icons with pretty caps was much more appealing. *sigh*

Anyway, I made 4 (haha)...Take'm all if you like. But I am quite fond of them, if you want to share. *bats eyelashes*

1 2 3 4
Sank you SO much!!! I is using one :D

But you can use another if you please ;) Do you liketh my layout? Hur?
Yayz! OOOOOoooO!!!!! SOOOO pretty!!! I really need to actually change my layout sometime.