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Wallpaper 2

1 House/Cameron

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I spent a whole lot of time on this, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Obviously, can't be credited, but I'd appreciate any comments. :D

1024 x 768


Brushes from miss m. brushes.
Textures from Veer.
Screencaps made by me.
Lyrics from Switchfoot's On Fire.
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Beautiful! I like it a lot, the colouring is really atrractive and the simplicty is just lovely.
Thanks - glad you like it! :)
So amazing, Hanners :) Using right now. After I write this... ;D
Yayyyyz! :D
I love it! The aged smoky effect on the bottom, and the layout of it :D

Aw, thank you. :D

Icon love!
That is really pretty! It's so simple, but it makes a statement. I love the colouring on it too. So many people try to pull this style off and fail (I'm one of them), but you managed beautifully. Great work!
Thanks for the comment. :D
That is really beautiful. I've grabbed a copy. :)
Thanks so much - enjoy. :D
I put it on my desktop background =]
Beautiful! Thanks ;D
Aw, so glad you like it. :D

Deleted comment

Thanks! :)
this is just spectacular! i love the coloring of the larger pic, and i love the texture. i love how the top half isn't really textured, but the bottom half is. very nifty. great use of brushes. the text is absolutely perfect, though somewhat difficult to see, but i'm guessing that was the point. i love the overall composition. great work!
Wow, thank you. :) The text was more readable on Photoshop - I hate how it looks different as a jpeg. :P But so glad you like it - I really appreciate the comment. :D
Wow....that is just.........WOW! I'm in love with it!! Heh i could stare it all day lol. It's just beautiful.
Aw, thank you so much! *blushes*
omg that looks so beautiful :D *is ecstatic for this new desktop look* Yay, thank you so much :D
:DD So glad you like it!
Very gorgeous! I love the pictures you used. =)
Thanks! :)
took it

will credit if used on the net
Thanks. :D I appreciate that.
"On Fire" happens to be my favorite Switchfoot song, and you applied it beautifully to this wallpaper. Gorgeous.
I love the song too. :D It seems like I always use Switchfoot lyrics for my wallpapers, but they work so well. Anyway, thanks!
really love it have saved thanks
Thank you! :)
Very nice! Good job, keep it up. :)
Aw, thank you - I appreciate that. :D
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